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Understanding the Indramat F860 Fault Code

9 October, 2023   |   Indramat, F860, Fault, Code, Repair, Diagnosis

Indramat Drive Controller F860 Error

Many factories that originally set up their motion control systems approximately two decades ago are likely still using Indramat products such as motors, drive controllers, power supplies, and more. These products are renowned for their exceptional reliability and high performance. While they offer years of dependable operation, they may eventually experience breakdowns. When this occurs, the drive controller's display indicator will highlight an error code.

Indramat error codes come in various types, and the F860 fault code is categorized as a fatal error. As the name suggests, this is a severe error that demands immediate attention and cannot be disregarded. When any fatal error occurs, the drive controller completely cuts off torque and shuts down, suspending the system's operation until corrective action is taken. The F860 error code is displayed on the drive controller's status indicator as two segments: "F8" followed by "60," alternating.

The user manual for the drive controller provides a description of the F860 fault code as "Overcurrent: short in power stage." The short circuit arises when the current rating of the power transistor bridge exceeds double the peak current rating of the drive controller. In the event of a short circuit, the motor's holding brake, if present, is immediately engaged.

Common Causes of the F860 Fault Code

The surge in the current value of the power transistor bridge, resulting in the triggering of the F860 fault code, is typically attributed to three primary causes, as listed below:

1. Short circuit in the motor cable.

2. Defective, malfunctioning, or damaged power section of the drive controller.

3. Incorrect current loop parameters.


1. What can be done to resolve the F860 fault code?

   - To address the F860 fault code, begin by inspecting the motor cable for signs of a short circuit. If a short circuit is detected, replace the cable. If there are no issues with the motor cable, examine the power section for any defects. If the power section is found to be defective, the entire drive controller must be replaced with a unit of the same specifications. Finally, review the current loop parameters and make corrections if necessary.


2. Can the F860 fault code be fixed in-house?

   - The F860 fault code can be addressed in-house if the problem is related to the motor cable or current loop parameters. These issues have straightforward solutions that can be implemented within the factory premises. However, for problems like a defective power section that necessitates the replacement of the drive controller, it is advisable to seek professional assistance.

At Wake Industrial, we can assist you with the repair and/or replacement of any Indramat products. Our experts can promptly assess the issue and provide various repair options. If you require a product replacement, such as a drive controller due to a defect in any of its components, we can assist you in obtaining the right replacement from our inventory. Additionally, our database includes user manuals for various products, should you require them.

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