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We Buy Surplus Indramat Products
Indramat® USA is looking to buy your Indramat® surplus products! Whether new, used, or refurbished, we’ll consider buying! Instead of throwing out your unused parts, or wasting space in your inventory, turn those products into cash! Indramat® has a wide catalog of industrial automation parts, such as motors, drives, controllers, and cards; we’re looking to buy all of them! Below is a list of some of our most wanted Indramat® products. Don’t see your Indramat® product on the list? Feel free to contact us and check.

Selling with Indramat® USA
We pride ourselves in making the selling process as easy as possible for you, while making sure you get the best offer possible. We evaluate the current market of Indramat products to base our offer on, and then take into consideration things such as the condition of the parts. Indramat® USA will buy surplus products internationally!

How to Sell your Surplus
  • Deciding on surplus in your inventory first gives you a clear overview of which parts you no longer need. This will help us give you a faster offer.

  • Next step is to get in touch! Contact us with the form on this page with all the specifics, and we’ll look at your products. From there we’ll make an offer based on the current market.

  • Once you receive our offer, decide if you want to sell your products! From there we’ll finish the agreement.

  • Shipping the products is made easy. We’ll handle the product collection & shipping process for you.

  • Get Paid once we receive the shipment, and make sure that everything is correct!

Please complete the provided form, or reach out to us via phone or email, and we will promptly respond with a quote!

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Products We're Looking For
  • The MKD series are servo motors renowned for offering a maximum speed of up to 6000 revolutions per minute (rpm) and a torque range of up to 98 Newton-meters (Nm). These features make them ideal for high-speed applications in industries like robotics and automated assembly.

  • Indramat's MSK series motors are distinguished by their wide power range covering 0.5 to 48 kilowatts (kW) and their adaptability to various cooling methods including natural convection and liquid cooling. These capabilities ensure performance stability across a broad spectrum of industrial operations.

  • The MHD series provides low inertia servo motors with peak torques up to 220 Nm, designed for direct drive applications demanding precision and rapid acceleration. Their robust design is well-suited for harsh environmental conditions including elevated temperatures and high dust environments.

  • MDD digital AC servo motors deliver resolution and dynamics with a maximum speed up to 7500 rpm and continuous stall torque up to 115 Nm, perfect for applications requiring rapid response times and high precision positioning.

  • KSM series is notable for its multi-axis capability that integrates easily with Indramat’s modular drive systems, offering synchronization for complex motion sequences. This series caters heavily to automation processes in packaging and textile industries..

  • MKE explosion-proof motors are designed with safety in compliance to ATEX standards, ensuring safe operation in potentially explosive atmospheres with options providing up to 95 Nm torque. This makes them essential in pharmaceuticals and chemical manufacturing processes.

  • 2AD asynchronous motors feature power outputs ranging from 2.5 to 46 kW with high efficiency, making them versatile for applications in material handling and process automation. Their design accommodates variable speed operations, enhancing flexibility in deployment.

  • HVR voltage supply modules ensure stable power management with voltage stabilization features protecting against fluctuations and spikes in industrial environments. These modules are crucial for systems with sensitive electronic components in communication and radar technology.

  • The HVE series delivers advanced power supply solutions with options accommodating input voltage variations from 24 VDC to 480 VAC, essential for diverse global industrial environments. They also feature electronic protection mechanisms against under-voltage, overload, and short circuit conditions.

  • HMV motion controllers optimize multi-axis coordination with capabilities supporting precise motion profiles necessary for high-resolution fabrication and robotic assembly. These include real-time feedback systems that enhance accuracy in dynamic environments.

  • HMS servo drives provide seamless integration options for synchronization with synchronized multi-axis control, reaching accuracies within micrometers, suitable for precision engineering applications. They support interfaces like DeviceNet and PROFIBUS for robust network integration.

  • HMD drives are engineered for modular flexibility, allowing components to be tailored according to specific operational needs, with power ranges between 1 to 750 kW. This adaptability makes them suitable for tasks from spinning textile machinery to high-speed printing presses.

  • HDS series drives are recognized for their reliability in running continuous operations, supporting servo motors with a power range from 10 to 200 kW. These servo drives are extensively used in heavy machinery and plant engineering due to their robust design.

  • HDD digital drives focus on precision control with real-time monitoring capabilities that prevent performance anomalies in applications such as robotics and CNC machinery. Their design emphasizes compatibility with a wide range of motor types, ensuring flexibility in machine design.

  • HCS control systems are crafted with high-performance computing cores enabling rapid data processing, which is fundamental in synchronized production lines and complex automation chains. Their architecture supports a wide array of IO configurations, enhancing customizability.

  • DKR drive controllers provide superb motor control with features such as torque sharing and electronic gearing, facilitating complex mechanical linkages in automotive manufacturing and metal fabrication industries. They support continuous current ratings up to 210 A, ensuring they meet heavy-duty operation standards.

  • DKC eco drive controllers are notable for their compact sizes and efficient power management, offering peak power outputs up to 7 kW. These attributes make them particularly suitable for smaller, energy-conscious automation projects.

  • DDS servo controllers excel in direct drive applications, providing fine-tuned control with resolution up to 24-bit encoder feedback. Their robust construction and optional water-cooling systems make them ideal for demanding industrial environments.

  • The CDB series focuses on delivering compact, robust digital drives that integrate easily with various motor types used in fabrication and assembly lines. Their advanced diagnostics and communications capabilities facilitate easy maintenance and system monitoring.

  • CLM positioning controllers specialize in delivering precise position control within one micron, crucial for micro-assembly and chip placement applications. These controllers also facilitate easy programming via user-friendly interfaces, streamlining the setup and operation processes.

  • CSB sensor interface boards enhance system responsiveness and accuracy by facilitating high-speed signal processing, crucial in applications demanding rapid reaction times such as emergency shutdown systems. They support multiple sensor types including inductive, capacitive, and optical sensors.

  • CSH modules prioritize high-resolution control, providing detailed feedback handling and processing capabilities essential in scientific instrumentation and precision testing equipment. This series supports extended temperature ranges, offering operational stability under varying environmental conditions.

  • VT-2000 servo modules support real-time communication protocols, enhancing connectivity and control accuracy in complex servo systems. They accommodate input voltages from 110 V to 220 V, allowing for versatile integration into global industrial systems.

  • The VT-3000 controllers optimize automation with advanced control algorithms that support up to 32 axes, ideal for high precision and complex industrial applications. They feature Ethernet and SERCOS interface options, ensuring high-speed data exchanges and integration with existing networks.

  • VT-HACD series specializes in digital axis control, handling up to 12 axes simultaneously, suitable for coordinated motion in advanced machinery like CNC routers and laser cutters. The unit provides user-friendly programming features, significantly reducing setup time.

  • The VT-HNC controllers offer high-resolution controls up to 16-bit analog input, enhancing machining accuracy in CNC applications. They support multiple programming languages, including G-code, making them highly adaptable for industry-specific needs.

  • The VT-VSPA series provides efficient power utilization, enhancing system reliability while minimizing electrical waste in servo systems. With torque control up to 0.25 Nm and speed control up to 6000 rpm, they offer delicate handling necessary for semiconductor manufacturing and electronics assembly.

  • VT-1600 modules exemplify robust servo control, with adaptive system features that automatically adjust parameters for optimal performance across diverse operating conditions. These units are designed for longevity with overload protection up to 200% of nominal current for 3 seconds.

  • PPC controllers stand out with their rapid processing capabilities up to 1 millisecond per task cycle, ideal for high-speed automation tasks. They support scalable memory configurations, ensuring sufficient data handling for complex processes.

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