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Indramat USA sells factory new and pre-owned surplus products and maintains channels to procure supply.

Indramat® GmbH is an industrial management company founded in 1958 in Neuwied Germany. Indramat® is a German abbreviation meaning "Gesellschaft zur INDustrialisierung-RAtionalisierung und AutoMATisierung" (Organization for Industrialization, Rationalization, and Automation).

The central business is the creation of industrial servo drives and motion controls to be used on assembly lines, along with machine tools, machine presses, printing presses, food packaging machines and material handling equipment.

Indramat® got recognition in Germany and Central Europe beginning in the 1970s as a provider of control systems and DC servo drives, particularly in the regions of sheet steel processing, and 3-dimensional tracing managements. A crucial characteristic of the Indramat® servo is the programming module (called a "Personality Module" in the North American marketplace), which included all changeable settings needed to complement the servo amplifier with a specified motor. The commissioning procedure was significantly simplified by this characteristic. The merchandise obtained approval in automotive industry Powertrain production, bringing Indramat® international acknowledgment.

Indramat® is, in addition, understood for electronic line shaft technology for commercial printing presses, and distributed CNCs for automotive Powertrain production.