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Products We Repair
MSK motors are part of the IndraDyn S line. These motors have a vey wide spectrum of performance, with a variety of frame sizes ranging from 030 all the way to 133. The entire MSK motor line covers many different automation needs thanks to the large selection of sizes, lengths, encoders, and cooling options.

Indramat MDD motors offers a range of digital AC servo motors for various applications. Motors like MDD 021, MDD 025, and MDD 041 are ideal for screwing applications, while MDD 065, MDD 071, MDD 093, and MDD 115 are preferred for highly dynamic tasks. For precision applications like grinding machines, motors like MDD 090 and MDD 112 are recommended for their synchronism capabilities.

 The MHD motors are permanent magnet-excited motors. Available in different sizes (MHD A, B, C, D), these motors can fit into a variety of automation systems. The Indramat MHD Motor series is renowned for its exceptional precision and dynamic performance, offering peak torque values ranging from 1.8 to 140 Nm, which makes them ideal for applications requiring high accuracy and rapid response times.

Indramat’s MAC motors provide high accuracy operation, suitable for many different automation industries. This permanently-excited synchronous motor is made up of different sub-assemblies, which includes a three-phase stator, a permanently-excited rotor, an optional electrically-released brake, and an optional separate axial fan for surface ventilation.

MKD motors are available in many different rotor sizes: 025, 041, 071, 090, and 112. These options allow for the motor to be used in a variety of applications rather than be constricted to one. Among the many options for MKD motors, comes the choice of single-turn and multiturn feedback options.
Indramat DKC drives come in three versions: Type 3, a successor to Type 1 with improvements like external firmware modules and modular I/O for increased flexibility. DKC Type 1 offered economical solutions with internal firmware and purpose-built design, while Rexroth EcoDrive Cs Drives provided lower power range options ideal for printing, machine tooling, and packaging machines.

 The Indramat DKR series is tailored for applications requiring high power and stiffness, compatible with 2AD series motors or 1MB frameless motors. These drives support extremely fine motor resolutions up to one four-millionth of a revolution. DKR controllers are commonly used to upgrade older RAC drives in an automation system.

 The Indramat DKS drives are all-in-one integrated drives. Built into one unit, these drives contain both the control section and power section. The drives give you the option of control with Sercos, Analog Input, or control cards such as Indramat’s DLC. The power ranges for these drives go from 30A to 100A peak current.

 As a component of the DIAX04 digital intelligent drive system, the Indramat HDD Servo Drive features a fixed configuration and is distinguished by its quick-response capability. It is adept at simultaneously operating two AC motors, selecting from the MKD, MHD, 1MB, or 2AD series, thereby offering versatility and efficiency in various industrial applications.

 Part of the digital DIAX04 drive, the HDS drives work with HDD drives, MKD, MHD, 1MB, and 2AD AC motors. The modular design of these drives allows for a simple replacement if a drive were to fail, resulting in minimal downtime. The HDS drives come in different versions, giving you many options to suit your specific automation needs.
Power Supplies
Indramat HMV Power Supply drives allow the operation of several drives from just one main connection, facilitating communication with drive controllers via a bus module. The HMV Series stands out by integrating power supply with energy recovery capabilities, thanks to its Smart Energy Mode. This feature positions the HMV Series as a highly energy-efficient option.

Indramat HVR Power supplies are from the DIAX04 family. These regenerative power supplies provide regulated DC bus voltage to the drive system. The HVR series comes in 6 different variations, allowing for multiple different automation applications. They can be used to power HDS and HDD drives.

 The HVE series works in conjunction with HDD and HDS drives, part of the DIAX04 drive family. Without the need for transformers, these power supplies can be connected to 3 x AC 380 … 480 V ± 10 %, 50 ... 60 Hz power systems.

 The KDV power supplies have the option of being in generator mode, which feeds energy back into the mains, avoiding energy waste. The power supply provides +24V & ±15V for its attached drive modules, and can be operated with a continuous mechanical output of 24 kW.

 The TVD power supplies are capable of powering multiple drives with only a single mains connection. Up to 10 different drives can be powered with a single TVD power supply. These power supplies are usually paired up with a Filter, such as a NAM module, and one or more drives.
 The CCD controllers from Indramat uses a CLC motion card in order to manage multi-axis coordinated and non-coordinated motion control. These controllers are capable of operating up to four different independent tasks, enhancing productivity.

Indramat CLM controllers can control up to four different axes. These controllers come in different models, such as the CLM 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4. Each model has different options, and changes such as the removable firmware in the CLM 01.3.

Indramat PPC Controllers are compatible with both VisualMotion and Synax platforms, with the choice often depending on the specific drive in use. These controllers are designed as freestanding units, facilitating ease of integration. They utilize the SERCOS interface for communication with servo drives and are equipped with GPP visual motion firmware, enabling comprehensive support for multi-axis functions.

DDS drives are digital drives that provide modularity as well. These drives can be controlled through SERCOS, Analog input, or various control cards such as the DLC control card. The different models come with various changes, such as the DDS2.1 using DIAX02, and the DDS2.2 using DIAX03.

TDM controllers are versatile tools for many automation applications. They can be used with MAC motors and their corresponding sizes. An example of this is the TDM1 controllers being used with MAC017 to MAC160, TDM2 with MAC63 to MAC93, and so on.
 The LTU Amplifiers work to control the ErgoSpin hand-help nutrunners for control on up to two LTU amplifiers. They are also used with the SB356 System Box, BT356 Card Rack, and either the SE352 or SE352M Control unit.

 The VT-HACD amplifiers can control multiple control circuits. These cards are used for both open and closed loop applications and offer easy configuration to a PC using serial connection.

VT-HNC amplifiers are built to be used in harsh environments, with the ability to withstand a variety of climates.

 The VT-VPCD series are digital closed loop controllers that contain a power limiter, and pressure & valve controller. These cards are made for use with axial piston pumps A4VS with HS4 control, and A2V with EO4 control.

 Built to control single solenoid pressure control valves and proportional directional valves, the VT-2000 and VT-3000 amplifier cards work effectively to control these valves without electrical position feedback.
 The BTC HMI provides easy control over your automation unit. The controller has a built-in emergency stop, and slide-in strips for the 40-key keyboard.

 The BTV control panel series allows control over your automation system. With various sizes, the BTV panels can fit into a range of automation needs.

VEH handheld terminals give the user the choice of using physical buttons or the touchscreen. With a built in ethernet port, and a 17 pin female connector, the VEH panels allow for easy system connectivity.

VEP operator panels are touch-screen controllers that provide a user-friendly interface for easy operation. These controllers also give you the option of controlling them from your computer, since they are PC-based.

SOT Panels manage the activity of your automation system’s drives through their monitor interface. The panels have built-in physical keypads for easy operation and interaction.

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