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Understanding the Indramat F878 Fault Code

9 October, 2023   |   Indramat, F878, Fault, Code, Understanding, Repair, Fix, Diagnosis

Indramat DKC drive controller F878 Title text

Indramat servomotors are no longer in production due to the company's discontinuation, but some legacy motors are still in use. While these motors have demonstrated exceptional performance when properly set up and operated, there are instances where errors can occur.


Indramat provides a list of error codes associated with servomotors to assist in diagnosing issues. The F878 is an error code displayed when using an ECODRIVE drive controller. For MDD, DDC, DKS, or DDS drive controllers, the corresponding error code is 78.


Indramat drive controller manuals link the F878 error code to a velocity loop error. When this error occurs, the velocity loop monitor activates, and three concurrent events transpire. The velocity loop monitors the speed of load movement in a motion control system, commonly used in machine controls where sensors detect the difference between commanded and actual velocities.

Causes of the F878 Fault Code

The Indramat F878 fault code occurs when the disparity between commanded and actual velocities exceeds 10% of the maximum motor velocity, or when the current demand matches or exceeds the peak current limit. There are four primary reasons for this disparity or variation, ranging from simple to slightly complex:


1. Incorrect motor cable connection.

2. Defective feedback system.

3. Defective control section of the drive controller.

4. Incorrectly configured velocity loop parameters.


1. How can the F878 error code be corrected?

   - To correct the F878 error code, identify the underlying cause and take appropriate action. If the motor cable connection is loose, secure it. If the cable is defective, replace it. If incorrect velocity loop parameters trigger the code, verify and adjust the parameters to ensure they fall within specified operational ranges. If the feedback system or control section is defective, consider replacing the motor or drive controller.


2. Can the F878 error code be resolved in-house?

   - Certain F878 error code-related issues, such as problems with the motor cable or incorrect velocity loop parameters, can be addressed in-house within your factory. However, if the error code indicates the need for a drive controller or motor replacement, it is advisable to seek assistance from professionals.

At Wake Industrial, we understand that no error should be disregarded, no matter how minor. We can assist you in resolving any error code, whether it involves a simple fix like changing a motor connection cable or a more complex solution like replacing an entire motor. Our team of professionals is capable of swiftly resolving any motion control system issue you may encounter, ensuring minimal downtime.

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