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Indramat Legacy Drives

26 December, 2023   |   Indramat, Legacy, Drives, Servo, About, Information, Specifications

Indramat TVD and DDC drives with title card

Indramat Legacy Drives: A Pillar of Automation Technology

Indramat has been a cornerstone in the automation industry, known for its cutting-edge drive technologies. Despite their vintage status, Indramat's legacy drives remain indispensable in various industrial applications, including manufacturing, packaging, and robotics. Their continued relevance and reliability in the swiftly evolving technological landscape are a testament to their quality.

Background of Indramat Legacy Drives: Initially an autonomous company, Indramat became a part of Bosch Rexroth, marking a significant event in the automation world. The term "legacy drives" refers to older models that are out of production but still in widespread use. Their persistent operation in industries emphasizes their dependability and the difficulties in substituting them with modern alternatives. These drives play a vital role in numerous industrial machines, demonstrating their lasting impact and necessity.

Challenges with Legacy Drives:

  • Sourcing Replacement Parts: Acquiring parts for these older drives is challenging due to their scarcity, complicating maintenance.
  • Repair and Maintenance Expertise: There is a shortage of skilled technicians for these older models, hindering their repair and upkeep.
  • Misconception of Obsolescence: Despite perceptions of being outdated, legacy drives continue to perform effectively in modern settings, underscoring their enduring value.

Technical Specifications and Range:

  • Overview of Models: Indramat legacy drives include a variety of models, such as TDM 3.2-020-300-W0 and TDM 1.2-030-300-W1-000, each known for unique features and reliability in various industries.
  • Key Features: Noted for robustness and precision, these drives, although older, offer functionalities still relevant and efficient today.
  • Applications: These drives are integral in diverse sectors, from manufacturing to automation, ensuring operational efficiency and reliability.

For detailed technical specifications and range of Indramat legacy drives, consulting specific resources or technical manuals is advisable.

Indramat Legacy Drives in Modern Industry: Indramat drives remain crucial in modern industries, smoothly integrating with contemporary systems. They continue to be prevalent in sectors like manufacturing and automation, prized for their reliability and precision. While new technologies bring advancements, the robustness and proven track record of Indramat drives secure their position as a reliable choice.

Wake Industrial: Supporting Indramat Legacy Drives: Wake Industrial is a key player in sustaining Indramat legacy drives. With a substantial inventory and deep knowledge of Indramat motion control systems, they are a primary solution for these legacy products. In addition to providing maintenance and repair services, Wake Industrial ensures the optimal performance and longevity of Indramat machinery, making them a valuable resource for Indramat-related requirements. For in-depth information, contact us directly or request a quick quote.

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