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Understanding the Role of the S1 Button in Indramat Drives

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Indramat EcoDrive S1 button

Indramat, as a company, is no longer operational, and its products are no longer being manufactured. Nevertheless, due to the reputation for reliability and durability, these products continue to find widespread use across various industries today. One such product line is the Indramat drive controllers, which encompass various components. The S1 button is a crucial component found in these drive controllers, playing a pivotal role in supporting their operation.


The S1 button proves invaluable when configuring a motion control system, clearing error codes, or making changes to system components.

Function of the S1 Button

In essence, the S1 button functions similarly to the Ctrl+Z keyboard shortcut, allowing users to reset an action. In other words, the S1 button enables users to overwrite new settings and return to the original old settings.

There are three primary scenarios in which the S1 button becomes indispensable:

1. Resetting error codes after diagnosis.

2. Activating Manual mode when a baud rate has been scanned. This is accomplished by pressing the button for 5 seconds to enter Setting mode.

3. Initiating the basic loader to initialize the device. This process resets all parameters associated with the firmware and can also facilitate firmware updates.


For instance, during an Indramat servomotor replacement, the system will recognize a new set of parameters and display a PL or UL message to notify users. Pressing the S1 button triggers the initial program loading process, overriding the stored parameters with the drive's default settings. Subsequently, the original parameters are reinstated.


1. Is the S1 button on the ECODRIVE drive controller easily visible?

   - Yes, the S1 button is readily visible on the manufacturer's ECODRIVE drive controller. It is located on the rear panel of the drive controller, positioned towards the bottom on the right side.


2. Can all errors be resolved by pressing the S1 button?

   - No, not all errors can be resolved solely by pressing the S1 button. For certain issues, you will need the expertise of professionals who specialize in servicing motion control systems to address the problem effectively.

For any uncertainties regarding which errors can be resolved by utilizing the S1 button, you can rely on Wake Industrial. Our team of skilled professionals is ready to assist you promptly with any issues related to your motion control system, ensuring minimal downtime and preventing losses. Whether you require part replacement or repair, we can provide the necessary solution to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your system. Additionally, if you need a replacement manual due to misplacement, we can assist you with that as well.

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