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Understanding the Indramat F220 Fault Code

9 October, 2023   |   Indramat, F220, Fault, Code, understanding, Diagnosis, Fix

Indramat DKC servo Drive F208 Fault Code

Indramat has established a reputation for its extensive range of products designed for motion control systems. This lineup includes various types of drive controllers, motors, encoders, power supplies, and more, available in diverse configurations. Despite the company's discontinuation over the past two decades, the enduring qualities of their products, such as durability, longevity, and high performance, continue to make them relevant in today's applications.


The user manual accompanying the drive controller provides a comprehensive list of error codes, their likely causes, and recommended solutions. Among these error codes, the Indramat F220 fault code stands out as a non-fatal F code that triggers an automatic shutdown of the drive, serving as a protective measure, similar to other F codes. One effective way to prevent or mitigate the occurrence of almost all F codes, including F220, is through regular climate control and maintenance measures.


The F220 error code specifically pertains to a bleeder-related error linked to overheating. In the user manual, this error is described as "Bleeder overload shutdown." On the H1 status display of the drive controller, the F220 code is visually represented as "F2" followed by "20" in a cyclic pattern.


The generation of regenerative energy through the motor can lead to overloading and subsequent overheating of the bleeder or braking resistor when the energy exceeds the maximum permissible limit. Upon surpassing this threshold, the drive initiates a braking action and promptly shuts down, safeguarding the bleeder against damage from overheating.

Resolving the F220 Fault Code

There are three methods for addressing the F220 fault code, detailed as follows:

- Lower the acceleration value if the supplied power is excessively high.

- Lower the velocity value if the generated energy is exceptionally high.

- Verify proper drive installation and ensure compliance with its rating.

- Incorporate an additional bleeder module into the system if necessary.


1. How can the F220 fault code be prevented?

   - The H1 display provides a warning code before the drive shutdown occurs due to the F220 fault code, as is the case with most other F fault codes that trigger shutdowns. By taking the necessary adjustments and repairs promptly when the warning code is displayed, you can prevent the F220 fault code from occurring.


2. Can the F220 fault code be resolved in-house?

   - It is advisable to enlist professional assistance if you are uncertain about the recommended acceleration and velocity values or if an additional bleeder module is required. However, you can inspect the drive's proper installation at your end.

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