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Understanding the Indramat F236 Fault Code

9 October, 2023   |   Indramat, F246, Fault, Code, Repair, Diagnosis

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Indramat error codes serve as valuable tools for simplifying troubleshooting of the manufacturer's drive systems. They enable quick identification and resolution of issues, minimizing downtime and potential losses. Although Indramat drives are known for their reliability, occasional occurrences of the F236 fault code cannot be entirely ruled out.


The user manual attributes the F236 fault code to an error related to position feedback. Specifically, it is described as an "Excessive position feedback difference" in the drive controller's manual. The H1 status indicator visually represents this code as two components, "F2" and "36," displayed in an alternating pattern.


Upon system restart, the two actual position values are initially set to be identical, and cyclic evaluation begins for both encoders. The variation in the actual position feedback values 1 and 2 from the two encoders in cyclic mode is compared with the encoder difference monitoring parameter A117. If the variation value exceeds the specified parameter value, the F236 error code is generated. It's worth noting that the monitoring function is inactive if the A117 parameter is set to zero.

Common Causes of the F236 Fault Code

Several factors can lead to the variation value exceeding the specified external feedback parameter value supported by the monitoring window. These include:

- Incorrect assignment of position feedback 2 type (C005) and feedback resolution 2 (C006) parameters for the second encoder.

- Misconfiguration of the feed rate constant (A101) and gearing parameter (A102) for the mechanical system between encoder 2 and the motor shaft.

- Lack of rigidity in the mechanical system between encoder 2 and the motor shaft, possibly due to factors like gear play.

- Damage to the encoder cable or problems with the cable connection.

- Exceeding the maximum specified input frequency for the associated encoder interface.

- Failure to mount the second encoder on the driven axis.

- An incorrect reference point in the absolute encoder.


1. Is it advisable to resolve the F236 error code in-house?

   - Given the numerous potential causes for the F236 error code, seeking professional assistance is advisable for a more efficient resolution. This can save you the time and effort spent on trial and error troubleshooting. However, consulting the manual can provide valuable insights into the sequence of errors and the corresponding actions to take, if you prefer to attempt a fix yourself.


2. What type of fault code is the F236 code?

   - The F236 fault code falls into the category of non-fatal codes. While these error codes may not immediately disrupt the motion control or drive system, addressing them promptly is crucial to avoid potential issues in the long run. Therefore, it is important to find a resolution for this error as soon as it arises.

Turn to Wake Industrial for Your F236 Error Code Resolution

When your system displays an F236 error code, you can rely on Wake Industrial for prompt diagnosis and resolution. With our expertise, we will identify the underlying issue and rectify it at a reasonable cost. We have established partnerships with reputable freight carriers to facilitate the pickup and delivery of faulty products to and from your location, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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