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Understanding the Indramat F248 Fault Code

9 October, 2023   |   Understanding, Indramat, F248, Fault, Code, Error, Fix, Repair, Diagnosis

Indramat MKD Motor with battery

Indramat motion control systems have long been associated with outstanding performance and durability. Their drive controllers, power supplies, encoders, and other components are renowned for their extended lifespan. This enduring quality is a key reason why many motion control systems continue to rely on Indramat products, even though new ones have not been manufactured for some time. To assist users in troubleshooting, Indramat provides a comprehensive list of error codes along with explanations, causes, and remedies, categorized for ease of reference.


In MKD motors, batteries are employed in their feedback systems to store absolute position information. These batteries typically have a lifespan of approximately 10 years. Once this period elapses, the batteries become depleted. The F248 fault code, as detailed in the user manual, is described as "Low battery voltage." Like other error codes, the F248 code is displayed on the H1 display in the form of two character sets: "F2" followed by "48."


The F248 fault code is triggered when the battery voltage drops below 2.8 volts. When this code is detected, it is imperative to replace the batteries promptly, as they tend to fail within two weeks of the error code's appearance. Failure to replace the batteries can result in the loss of absolute encoder function and may lead to potential physical injuries and mechanical errors in your motion control system, causing downtime.

Tools Required for Battery Replacement

Replacing the battery in the feedback of your MKD motor can be accomplished with a few basic tools and accessories, including:

- New packaged battery (Part No. 257101)

- Size 10 Torx screwdriver

- Torque wrench

- Needle nose pliers


1. What precautions should be taken during battery replacement?

   - It is essential to turn off the power while replacing the battery and ensure that the power cannot be accidentally turned on during the replacement process. Maintain control voltage during the replacement to preserve the absolute position, as this information is lost when the control voltage is off. If the absolute position is lost, it can be reestablished using the Set Absolute Measurement command.


2. What is the process for replacing the battery?

   - The first step is to remove the Torx screws securing the resolver feedback lid. Once removed, take off the lid and disconnect the battery connector. Release the clamping device to remove the old battery. Carefully install the new battery, ensuring not to pinch the battery cable. Reconnect the battery cable, replace the resolver lid, and secure it with the Torx screws.

If you are unsure about replacing the battery yourself, Wake Industrial is here to assist you. We offer the appropriate batteries to meet your needs, and our team can promptly address your issue to minimize any downtime. Alternatively, if you prefer to handle the replacement on your own, we can provide the necessary batteries and guide you through the process.

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