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Understanding the Indramat F634 Fault Code

9 October, 2023   |   Indramat, F634, Fault, Code, Understanding, Repair, Diagnosis

Indramat VAM module Stop button

Indramat, as a company, is no longer in operation, leading to the discontinuation of its product manufacturing. The company's product lineup included various types of motors, drive controllers, encoders, power supplies, and more, designed for use in motion control systems. To aid users in troubleshooting and addressing issues with its products, Indramat categorized error codes, some of which can be resolved in-house, while others may require professional assistance.


The F634 fault code is one of several traverse range errors generated by the drive controller, displayed as "F6" followed by "34" alternately on the H1 status indicator. This fault code is triggered by the drive controller when the emergency stop device is activated. Consequently, the drive operation is suspended, and the velocity set point value is set to zero. Moreover, when a traverse range error occurs, the drive immediately sets the speed command to zero.

Functions of the Emergency Stop Switch

The emergency stop switch, often identified as a red pushbutton labeled "Emergency Stop," serves a critical role in industrial environments by rapidly halting processes or machinery in emergencies to prevent potential hazards. Key functions of the emergency stop switch include:

- Cutting off the power supply to machinery or equipment.

- Halting or terminating ongoing production processes.

- Preventing hazardous materials from being released into the environment.


1. What are the key components of the emergency stop switch?

   - The emergency stop switch comprises several essential components that work together to facilitate its proper functioning. One critical component is a relay switch responsible for controlling the power supply to the machinery. Another key component is a contactor that disconnects the power supply from the machines. It is imperative that the emergency stop switch is installed in an easily accessible location.


2. What happens when the emergency stop switch is pressed?

   - When the emergency stop switch is pressed, the associated machine's operation is halted, and the command value is immediately set to zero. Simultaneously, an error is reported to the Class 1 diagnostics parameter S-0-0011, and the F634 fault code is generated.


3. Can the F634 fault code be resolved in-house?

   - While it may be possible to address the F634 fault code in-house, it is advisable to enlist the assistance of professionals. There are several potential reasons why the emergency stop switch may have been activated, and pinpointing the exact cause can be time-consuming. Professionals can efficiently isolate the issue and take the necessary corrective actions more swiftly.

For assistance with the F634 fault code in your motion control system, you can rely on the experienced team at Wake Industrial. With their in-depth knowledge of various Indramat products, they can swiftly identify the root cause and resolve the issue, minimizing downtime in your factory. Additionally, they can provide refurbished Indramat products if you require replacements for your existing equipment.

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