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Understanding the Indramat F822 Fault Code

9 October, 2023   |   Indramat, F822, Fault, Code, Causes, Repair, Diagnosis

Indramat EcoDrive Controller with F822 Fault code title

Indramat has long been recognized for its motion control system components, including drive controllers, encoders, power supplies, motors, and more. Each of these products is equipped with error codes designed to aid in troubleshooting when issues arise. These error codes are displayed on the status indicator of the ECODRIVE drive controller.


The encoder serves as a critical measuring system with analog signals used for high-resolution analysis within the same system. These signals are constantly monitored, with two key factors considered: pointer length and maximum pointer length. Pointer length is derived from cosine and sine signals and should be greater than 1 volt. Simultaneously, the maximum pointer length, also derived from these signals, should not exceed 11.8 volts.


The F822 error code is displayed in an alternating fashion as "F8" followed by "22." This error code pertains to encoder-related issues and is generated when the analog signals generated are too small. The manual describes this error code as "Encoder 1 failure: Signal amplitude wrong." It is important to note that the error can only be cleared when the drive controller is in parameter mode and not in automatic or manual mode.

Common Causes of the F878 Fault Code

The Indramat F878 fault code is both common and critical, requiring immediate attention and resolution, as it suspends drive operations. There are three primary reasons for the triggering of the F878 error code:

1. Defective encoder cable.

2. Disruption in the transmission of the feedback signal.

3. Malfunctioning or defective encoder.


1. What steps should be taken to resolve the F878 error code?

   - To address the F878 error code, start by inspecting the measurement system or encoder cable. Look for signs of cracked insulation on one or more wires, which may occur due to worn-out insulation, an aged cable, or excessive stress causing cable breakage. The solution is simple: replace the damaged cable. If signal transmission is interrupted, ensure there is sufficient separation between power and encoder cables, and provide shielding for the drive controller. If the issue arises from a defective encoder, it is advisable to opt for a replacement.


2. Can the F878 error code be addressed in-house?

   - While straightforward fixes like changing the encoder cable and ensuring proper cable separation can be managed in-house, more complex tasks such as providing shielding or replacing an encoder may require specialized expertise. In such cases, it is best to entrust the job to professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge.

At Wake Industrial, we maintain a substantial inventory of encoder cables, allowing you to purchase replacements and have them readily available when needed. Our team is well-versed in replacing faulty encoders with fully operational ones. Feel free to approach us for assistance with any issues in your motion control system, as well as for any Indramat product or part replacements you may require.

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