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VT 1600-3X-0

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The VT 1600-3X-0 is a high-quality, Eurocard-formatted servo amplifier model produced by Bosch Rexroth. This device is specifically designed to pilot servo valves and ensure their peak performance. It houses a voltage stabilizer, providing reliable voltage for consistent operations. This model incorporates a face plate-mounted ammeter for quick current reference to the valve. Furthermore, it can drive a range of valve types like 4WS2EM, 4WS2EB, 3DS2EH, 4DS1EO, and A2V without inductive feedback (LVDT). The amplifier transforms a torque motor’s input signals into an equivalent current, which in turn controls the pressure balance of the pilot valve. The unit is equipped with three internal potentiometers, accessible through the front plate for swift PID value alterations. A relay with a voltage range of 22-28V and 1ms duty cycle duration is also integrated into the device. The unit must be installed and operated by a trained technician, weighs 0.15 kilograms, and operates within a temperature range of 0 to +50 degrees Celsius. The VT 1600-3X-0 delivers total adaptability by permitting optimal tuning of position control, constant velocity circuits, and PI, PD, and PID controllers blending. Indramat USA markets the product, which comes with a replacement warranty.

Product Type: Proportional Servo Amplifier
Format: Eurocard
Features: Voltage Stabilizer, Face Plate-mounted Ammeter
Feedback: Non-inductive (No LVDT)
Compatible Valve Types: 4WS2EM, 4WS2EB, 3DS2EH, 4DS1EO, A2V
Input Signal Processing: Proportionate Current Translation
License Required: Trained Technician
Potentiometers: Three Internal, Accessible for PID Adjustments
Relay Coil Voltage Range: 22 V to 28 V
Duty Cycle Duration: 1 ms
Temperature Range: 0 to +50 degrees Celsius
Weight: 0.15 kilograms
Control Circuit: PID (proportional, integrator, derivative)
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