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VT 16000-2X-120

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The VT 16000-2X-120 is a high-quality servo amplifier provided by Bosch Rexroth, integrating a comprehensive PID (proportional, integrator, and derivative) control circuit for optimal tuning of position control or constant velocity circuits. It operates optimally at temperatures between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius and requires a power supply current of less than 200 mA. When a voltage regulator is added, the supply range should be between ±22 to ±28 V. The amplifier exhibits an output current of ±60 mA or ±100 mA and a typical dither current of 340 Hz/3. It features an additional control input compatible with VE 102 or UK 2 system cards, extending its control capabilities. The component side width is seven divisions, while the solder side has one division width. It includes a relay with a coil voltage range of 22 V to 28 V and a coil resistance of 2000 ohms. This lightweight model, weighing only 0.15 kilograms, is versatile, compatible with various servo valves, and best managed by a proficient technician for optimal performance. It should be stored in temperatures ranging between -20 to +70 degrees Celsius.

Power Supply Current: < 200 mA
Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50 degrees Celsius
Voltage Supply Range (with voltage regulator installed): ± 22 to ± 28 V
Device Output Current: ± 60 mA or ± 100 mA
Usual Dither Current: 340 Hz/3
Additional Control Input: For use with VE 102 or UK 2 system cards
Width of Solder Side: 1 division (5.08 mm)
Width of Component Side: 7 divisions
Compatible with: Various servo valves
Control Circuit Capabilities: PI, PD, and PID
Storage Temperature: -20 to +70 degrees Celsius
Weight: 0.15 kilograms
Coil Voltage: 22 V to 28 V
Coil Resistance: 2000 ohms.
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