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VT 16000-2X-130

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The VT 16000-2X-130 is a Bosch Rexroth servo amplifier which prioritizes resilience and efficiency. Supporting durability and maximum performance when placed in its suggested conditions, it requires no additional maintenance. Ensuring your information is readily available, the unit showcases technical details on a built-in nameplate. It can monitor temperature and control the servomotor's holding brake if used with the manufacturer's cables. Signifying its safety, the unit comes UL Listed. The servo amplifier operates optimally at +/-15V power supply voltage rating, perfect for installations up to an altitude of 1000m. Enhanced with an LED display on the front panel, functionality is easily accessible and mitigates chances of overload. The amplifier can detect failed input phases with its internal circuit while staying within the 3.5mA leakage current. To ensure its lasting operation, the unit should be stress-protected and well-ventilated. The device supports parallel connections with another amplifier, highlighting the VT 16000-2X-130's adaptability. Positioned normally in a vertical orientation, the LED display becomes active upon powering. Internationally shipped, the amplifier comes with a year warranty, ensuring your interest is secured.

Product Type: Servo Amplifier
Condition: New
Listing: UL Listed
Power Supply Voltage Rating: +/-15V
Maximum Installation Altitude: 1000m
Display Type: LED
Incorporate Temperature Monitoring: Yes
Control over Servo Motor Holding Brake: Yes
Integrated Circuit Failure Detection: Yes
Leakage Current: More than 3.5mA
Ventilation Requirement: Unhindered ventilation on all sides
Installation Orientation: Vertical
Regen Circuit: Inbuilt
Parallel Connection Support: Yes
Dispatch Availability: Global
EMI Filter: Earthed and Integrated
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