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VT 16000-2X-131

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The VT 16000-2X-131 is a servo amplifier developed by Bosch Rexroth. It adheres to a Euro card format and is typically installed vertically. By amplifying a received Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control signal, the amplifier can power an AC servomotor as per the requirement. It comes equipped with LED indicators indicating various states of operation. It should be noted that the device will likely malfunction if the servomotor is not correctly connected, and an insufficient three-phase voltage may result in inadequate motor torque. For cleaning, users can safely use isopropanol or any other equivalent cleaning agent. One of its unique features is the automatic drive fault detection in case of short-circuiting. It is highly recommended that the amplifier be securely grounded before use, and the main circuit breaker should remain in OFF status during maintenance or repair scenarios. Designed thoughtfully, it comprises capacitors that require reforming after storage exceeding one year. It boasts a compact, modular structure occupying minimal space, ensuring no hindrance to the airflow when installed. The amplified vibration is less than 0.5g during operation, and it is attached securely using appropriately-tightened screws. It comes with a one-year warranty and is packaged thoughtfully for worldwide shipping. For environmental concerns, it is asbestos-free.

Format: Euro card
Installation: Vertical
Function: Amplify PWM control signal
Connection: Servomotor
LED Indicators: On printed circuit board
Cleaning: Isopropanol or other agents
Fault Indicator: Axis drive fault triggered on detecting a short
Setup Requirement: Secure grounding
Maintenance: Main circuit breaker in OFF position
Division Width: One on solder side
Harmful Materials: None (free of asbestos)
Function: Quick adjustment of associated PID valves
Vibration: Less than 0.5g during operation
Airflow: Installation to ensure no restriction
Fixing: Screws tightened with specified torque
Packaging: Durable for global shipping
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