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VT 16000-2X-131-A

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The VT 16000-2X-131-A is a servo amplifier manufactured by Bosch Rexroth that has a three-phase output and uses surface mount technology. CE Certified, this device amplifies the control capabilities beyond the default PID closed loop, offering two output current rates of +/-60mA and +/-100mA. Although it lacks a distinct over-speed protection mechanism, it's crucial in driving servomotors in speed-critical and position control applications. This user-friendly unit possibly operates at high temperatures if a pin in its connector is broken. Additionally, this amplifier allows control of servo motors' positioning, torque, and rotational speed, hence, vital in operating automated facilities and robots. Even under tough environmental conditions, it requires minimal maintenance. Boasting the ability to control the voltage across the servomotor to trigger current in its windings, it aligns with a closed-loop control to regulate servomotor's current and voltage. The amplifier also features an ammeter connection on its faceplate for current measurement. Input control signals are received from a motion controller, and front panel LEDs are used for diagnosis. After a storage period of over one year, a single-phase voltage is applied to its terminals for approximately 30 seconds upon reconnection. Finally, the amplifier's nameplate contains all the technical details for easy replacement or servicing.

Three Phase Output: Yes
Surface Mount Technology: Yes
CE Certified: Yes
Output Current Ratings: +/-60mA and +/-100mA
Over-speed Protection Mechanism: No
Distance from Ground Plate: Minimum with Shield Connection
Environments: Minimal Maintenance in Harsh Environments
Voltage Control: Yes
Closed Loop Control: Yes
Ammeter Connection: Yes
Backup Support: One Year
Control Signal as Input: Yes
Diagnosis: LEDs on Front Panel
Single-phase Voltage Application: Required for Storage Period over One Year
Technical Details: Available on Amplifier Nameplate
Connection Requirements: Must Adhere to Product Documentation.
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