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VT 16000-2X-150

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The VT 16000-2X-150 is a high-performance servo amplifier by Bosch Rexroth, designed ideally for closed-loop applications. Without any need for structural alterations or hardware configuration changes, it assures user-friendly operation. The amplifier has to be appropriately installed before commencing wiring procedures to ensure safety against electrical shocks. Its operation is not recommended in high-vibration environments, and connectors and cables should not be used as the device's carrying handles. For seamless functioning, the cables need to be duly connected to designated terminals. The compact unit features an ammeter that monitor's current flow to the valve and ensures controlled servomotor rotation. Installation of the amplifier needs to consider ample clearance from all control cabinet sides and should not be performed with damaged units. Although UL Listed and RoHS compliant, if mishandled, it can cause injuries or trigger volatile operations. The device needs to be securely grounded and should not be exposed to water droplets or conductive materials. For optimal performance, signal lines should be carefully connected and kept away from power lines. Sold by Indramat USA, the product includes a one-year warranty and is shipped via reliable freight carriers.

Size: Compact
Certification: UL Listed and RoHS Compliant
Usage: For closed-loop applications
Installation: After Positioning, without structural changes
Wiring: After Installation
Vibration Tolerance: Low
Maximum Humidity: 90% Relative Humidity
Grounding Necessity: Yes, with common ground plate of control cabinet
Connection Type: Through correct terminals
Portability: Cannot be carried through cables or connectors
Inbuilt Ammeter: Yes
Signal Handling: Combines and amplifies input and feedback signals
Direction Control: Both Directions
Installation Clearance: Four sides from Control Cabinet
Water Resistance: No
Lines Positioning: Away from Power Lines
Delivery: Freight Carriers (DHL, FedEx)
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Indramat USA 1 Year Warranty
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