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VT 16000-2X-151-A

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The VT 16000-2X-151-A is a high-quality servo amplifier, manufactured by Bosch Rexroth, that is specifically devised for industrial applications involving servo valves. This device is capable of translating an input signal into a directly proportional output current for a torque motor, thereby controlling the equilibrium of the pressure in the pilot valve. The amplifier necessitates voltage regulators VT 1600 for unregulated power supply systems, while a regulated power supply system will need the removal of these regulators to avoid improper functioning. Key installation information includes using the regulated power connected to specific pins and ensuring that the unit is not powered on during connection to prevent potential damage. Designed in a compact Euro card format, it can accommodate either a Euro magazine or a card holder, and it can operate effectively between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius. Due to potential electromagnetic interference, keep radios and similar devices a meter away from an installed amplifier. For accuracy in readings, high impedance meters are recommended. Lastly, to ensure the safety and durability of the amplifier, only qualified individuals should operate the VT 16000-2X-151-A.

Product Type: Servo Amplifier
Application: Industrial
Works With: Servo Values
Optional Voltage Regulators: VT 1600
Regulated Voltage Output: Pins 12ac (+15), 22ac (-15 Volts)
Product Format: Euro Card
Installment Options: Euro Magazine or Card Holder
Front Plate Dimensions: 128 x 5 millimeters
Euro Card Dimensions: 100 x 160 millimeters
Ambient Temperature Range: 0 - 50 degrees Celsius
Electromagnetic Interference: Can affect amplifier performance
Safety Measures: 1 meter distance from radios and similar devices
Instruments for Measurement: High impedance meters
Personnel Requirement: Qualified Personnel Only.
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