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R911266462 (DDC01.1-K050A-DL20-01-FW)

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The Bosch Rexroth R911266462 (DDC01.1-K050A-DL20-01-FW) is a digital AC servo drive that operates in conjunction with an MDD series AC servomotor. Controlled by a signal microprocessor which measures rotor position, it functions as a digital single-axis positioning controller when paired with a corresponding module from Bosch Rexroth. This three-phase current drive, part of the DDC group of digital drives, connects to the motor via a power and feedback cable. The device features an IP 65 protection rating and a length of 517.5mm, excluding the blower. A designated slot is provided for software module insertion and an H1 status display signals errors and warnings. Safety provision includes a DC bus dynamic brake to cope with problems, a required grounding to avoid interference, and the option to set drive responses via a connected drive controller. The R911266462 (DDC01.1-K050A-DL20-01-FW) comes with a one-year Indramat USA warranty and is available for global distribution.

Phase Current: Three-phase
Device Type: Digital single-axis positioning controller
Product Group: DDC digital drives
Connection Type: Motor power cable and motor feedback cable
Version Code: 1
Protection Rating: IP 65
Bleeder Resistor: Included
Product Length: 517.5mm (without the blower)
H1 Status Display: Present
DC Bus Dynamic Brake: Included
Programming Required: Before startup
Drive Response Setup: Via connected drive controller
Shipping Availability: Worldwide

DDC01 1 K050A DL20 01 FW
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