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R911266464 (DDC01.1-K050A-DL22-01-FW)

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The Bosch Rexroth R911266464 (DDC01.1-K050A-DL22-01-FW) is an AC servo drive featuring an RS-232 interface connection for linking with PCs or VT-100 terminals. It boasts a positioning module, a configuration rating plate, and a basic unit rating plate on the front panel. Additionally, this servo drive has a minimum routing distance of 10 cm for control and signal cables from power cables to prevent interference. It also features a mains control voltage section, a maximum torque braking mechanism, and a bleeder resistor. The device can be used with a solo power supply to form a drive package if it has a modular housing. It is essential that the configuration rating plate's data matches the plug-in modules. This device can connect to an AC servomotor with digital servo feedback and a multiturn encoder. Note that the drive must be kept in a clean environment, to prevent damage to its heatsink and blower. The device's IP 65 protection level can be compromised by improper cable or plug-in module insertions.

Interface Connection: RS-232
Positioning Module: One-axis
Minimum Routing Distance for Control and Signal Cables: 10 cm
Emergency Stop Action: Braking at Maximum Torque
Main Section: Control Voltages
Bleeder Resistor Function: Absorbs energy during the braking process
Housing Type: Modular
Power Supply Connection Location: Below the device
Power Supply Connection: X7 Connector
Current Rating: 50A
Shipping: Global
Pollution Sensitivity: Foundry dust effects heatsink and blower
Distance of Flammable Parts from Air Outlet: 300mm minimum
Protection Level: IP 65.

DDC01 1 K050A DL22 01 FW
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