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R911266465 (DDC01.1-K050A-DL26-01-FW)

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The R911266465 (DDC01.1-K050A-DL26-01-FW) Bosch Rexroth AC Servo Drive, a maintenance-free, Series 1, Version 1 device, is designed for efficient installation and operation, safeguarded by motor power connections at the X8 and X5 connectors. Its interface and cables must be meticulously arranged to prevent blockages or bending. Known for its versatility, the servo drive can be used in machines like sequential finishing devices and transfer facilities. Safety mechanisms are instituted through its drive enabled signal, which is triggered when the E-stop relay opens and the K1 mains contactor switches OFF. The servo drive comes with a built-in oscilloscope to assess the load during acceleration. Ensure wiring falls in line with the manufacturer’s connecting diagram before use to minimize risk. Shipped globally with a one-year warranty by Indramat USA in custom, military-grade foam packaging, it guarantees safe transport and delivery.

Version Code: 1
Maintenance Requirement: None
Airflow Requirement: Unrestricted
Installation Requirement: Regular Cleaning in case of dirt accumulation
Machine Control Interface: X8 Connector
Motor Power Connections: X5 Connector
Motor Feedback Cable Location: Cable lead at bottom of unit
Control and Signal Cables Routing: Separate Cable Ducts
Testing: Through Oscilloscope
Keypad Functionality: Free key used to scroll among parameter blocks
Earth Connection Requirement: Present in the motor
Parameters Programming: Must be programmed prior to starting the drive
Packaging: Custom Military-grade foam
Shipping: Available globally through FedEx / UPS.

DDC01 1 K050A DL26 01 FW
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