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R911266469 (DDC01.1-K100A-DL01-01-FW)

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The R911266469 (DDC01.1-K100A-DL01-01-FW) digital servo drive pairs with an MDD series servomotor and a single-axis positioning module. There's a necessity to purchase its firmware separately. The unit has a connector, X4, for motor feedback link-up, and a software module slot located on its front panel's top half. The leads should stay perpendicular to each other for optimal functionality. Working with the single-axis module, it serves as a one-axis digital positioning controller. Compatible with both compact and modular housings, it offers IP 65 and IP 10 protection ratings respectively. This product necessitates the cleaning of both the heatsink and blower if dirty. It connects with the AC servomotor using motor power and feedback cables, supporting programming of up to 3,000 blocks. The drive can be fitted with different plugin-modules, including an input/output interface and an interbus S interface module. The device should be installed with unrestricted air exits or entries. A warranty of one year is offered with purchase.

Positioning Module Type: Single Axis
Firmware: Needs to be procured separately
Motor Feedback Connection: X4 Connector
Software Module Slot: Top Half of Front Panel
Operating Layout: Control and signal leads perpendicular
Positioning Capability: Digital positioning controller with single axis
Housing Design: Compact and Modular
Compact Housing Protection Level: IP 65
Modular Housing Protection Level: IP 10
Preventive Maintenance: Cleaning of heatsink and blower if dirty
Connections: Motor power cable and motor feedback cable
Drive Controller Specification: Supports programming up to 3,000 blocks
Software Module Incorporation: Drive parameters and operating software
Interbus Module Functionality: Connectivity to Interbus S data highway
Installation Requirement: No restriction to air entry or exit
X3 Connector Usage: Connecting analog inputs and outputs

DDC01.1 K100A DL01 01 FW
DDC01 1 K100A DL01 01 FW
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