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R911270256 (DDC01.1-K150A-DS04-03-FW)

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The R911270256 (DDC01.1-K150A-DS04-03-FW) is a servo drive produced by Bosch Rexroth, forming part of the DDC 1 line of products. It boasts a commendable peak current standing at 150 Amps, coalescing with a 4 kHz pulse frequency rating. The device weighs roughly 22 kg and is fitted with a bleeder resistor, supporting continuous power function at 250 W. Under maximum exertion, its power loss stands at 0.5 kW. This unit abides by the IP 65 protection class specification based on IEC 529 (EN 60 529) norms. It supports the use of digital servo feedback along with an attached SERCOS command plug-in card for superior command communication and control. The device possesses a function code of 04 and a function code version of 03. It relies on air-assisted natural convection for heat loss mitigation and needs its specific firmware ordered separately. Lastly, the R911270256 (DDC01.1-K150A-DS04-03-FW) offers efficient and accurate servo-applications, given its high-precision rotor measurements and wide speed range. It's cost-effective and low-maintenance, with a mains contactor for power disconnection and a power section enabling optimal voltage monitoring and control.

Product Line: DDC 1
Peak Current: 150 Amps
Pulse Frequency: 4 kHz
Weight: 22 kg
Bleeder Resistor: 250 W
Maximum Power Loss: 0.5 kW
Protection Class: IP 65
Feedback: Digital Servo
Command Communication: SERCOS Command Plug-in card
Function Code: 04
Function Code Version: 03
Heat Dissipation Mechanism: Air-Aided Natural Convection
Installation: Space Saving
Additional Features: Plug-In Modules for Specific Use Cases
Maintenance: Easy to service & mostly maintenance-free
Operating Temperature: 5 – 45 degrees C
Peak Environmental Temperature: 55 degrees C
Installation Height: 1000 Meters Above Sea Level

DDC01.1 K150A DS04 03 FW
DDC01 1 K150A DS04 03 FW
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