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R911271212 (DDC01.2-N050C-DL01-01-FW)

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The Rexroth R911271212 (DDC01.2-N050C-DL01-01-FW) is a single-axis positioning control digital drive controller with a peak output of 50 Amps, continuous output of 25 Amps, and a pulse frequency of 8 kHz. This controller operates at an optimal power load of 6 kVA and can be directly linked to 220-230 Volts AC at a frequency of 50-60 Hertz. It has a short-term mechanical load of 8 kW (50% at 100 seconds) and maintains an average mechanical load of 4 kW. The controller has a power loss of 500 Watts during operation, excluding the bleeder loss, and its weight is 21 kg. It provides five slots, two of which are designated for the command communication and software modules, while the other three slots are multifunctional. The product dimensions are 517 x 165 x 298 mm, and it offers standard noise emission. Indramat USA offers global shipping for the unit with a one-year warranty. Firmware must be ordered separately.

Type: Digital Drive Controller
Peak output current rating: 50 Amps
Continuous output current rating: 25 Amps
Pulse Frequency: 8 kilohertz
Power Requirement at maximum load: 6 kVA
Input Voltage: 220/230 Volts AC
Line Frequency: 50 to 60 Hertz
Voltage Tolerance: 10 to 15%
Short term mechanical operating load: 8 kilowatts
Average mechanical load rating: 4 kilowatts
Maximum power loss during operation: 500 Watts
Peak bleeder power: 10 kilowatts
Continuous bleeder power: 0.25 kilowatts
Maximum regenerated power: 5 kilowatts
Weight: 21 kilograms
Slots in basic unit: 5 (2 reserved, 3 optional)
Command communication module: Single axis positioning control
Feedback: Digital servo feedback
Noise Emission: Standard
Function code: 01
Version of function code: 01
Dimensions: 517 x 165 x 298 millimeters
Shipping: Global

DDC01.2 N050C DL01 01 FW
DDC01 2 N050C DL01 01 FW
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