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R911276760 (DDC01.2-N200A-DS70-00-FW)

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The Rexroth Indramat R911276760 (DDC01.2-N200A-DS70-00-FW) is a Series 1 digital AC drive controller from the DDC range, specifically designed to efficiently regulate servo motors. With an operating frequency of 50 to 60 Hertz and a pulse frequency rating of 4 kHz, this 22 kg controller has a bleeder resistor peak power rating of 40 kW and a continuous power of 250 W. The device produces motor shaft noise at a current rating of 100 to 200 Amperes and its RH value ranges from minimum 5% to maximum 95%. The R911276760 (DDC01.2-N200A-DS70-00-FW) is IP 65 compliant as per EN 60 529, equipped with a SERCOS-type command interface module, and a rated voltage input of 3 x 220 Volts. Its function code is 70 with a version of 00. Moreover, for safety, it includes an emergency brake system. Operating temperatures range from 5 to 45 degrees Celsius and can go up to 55 degrees Celsius with reduced data. This unit is suitable for mounting at elevations up to 1000 meters ASL, beyond which power and torque may decrease. It comes with a one-year global warranty from Indramat USA.

Operating Frequency: 50 - 60 Hertz
Pulse Frequency: 4 kHz
Weight: 22 kg
Bleeder Resistor Peak Power: 40 kW
Bleeder Resistor Continuous Power: 250 W
Regenerated Power: 20 kW
Motor Shaft Noise Emission Current: 100 - 200 Amperes
RH Value: 5 - 95 %
Material Protection Class: IP 65 (as per EN 60 529)
Command Interface Module: SERCOS
Feedback Type: Digital servo motor
Voltage Input: 3 x 220 Volts
Function Code: 70
Function Code Version: 00
Braking System: Yes
Ambient Air Temperature: 5 - 45 degrees Celsius
Acceptable Temperature on Reduced Data: 55 degrees Celsius
Mounting Elevation: 1000 meters ASL

DDC01.2 N200A DS70 00 FW
DDC01 2 N200A DS70 00 FW
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