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R911283141 (DDC01.2-N050C-DS46-02-FW)

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This is a description for the R911283141 (DDC01.2-N050C-DS46-02-FW) Bosch Rexroth digital servo drive. This product is designed to connect with the MDD series AC servo motor using a motor power and feedback cable. Known for its high-resolution rotor position measurement, it's used primarily in precise servo applications. Although it can be used in various conditions, it functions optimally with a direct installation on a feeder. The device has a built-in bleeder resistor and DC bus converter, used for regulating energy generated during braking. It operates with an air-cooling method and can withstand temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius. The unit features a motor power and mains connection at its bottom, and a slot for the software module on top. It also incorporates an S1 fault reset key and a LED status display. It's important to appropriately connect the motor feedback cable to maintain IP 65 protection rating. Moreover, it comes with a one-year global warranty.

Product: Bosch Rexroth digital servo drive
Connection: Motor power cable and motor feedback cable
Use: Precise servo applications
Features: High resolution rotor position measurement
Installation: Feeder
Cooling: Air circulation
Version Code: 2
Current: Short-term of 50A for 50% at 100s duty cycle
Peak Bleeder Power: 10kW
Max Temperature: 55°C with power and torque drop
Surface Requirement: No condensation or non-conductive dirt
Connections Position: Bottom
Software Module and Rating Plate Position: Top
Additional Feature: S1 fault reset key and anH1 LED status display
Command Module Slot: U1
Cable Leadthrough: Above motor power connection
Motor Feedback Cable: Required for IP 65 protection rating
Logistics: Global shipping

DDC01.2 N050C DS46 02 FW
DDC01 2 N050C DS46 02 FW
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