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R911190138 (HDS03.2-W100N-HS84-01-FW)

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The R911190138 (HDS03.2-W100N-HS84-01-FW) is a member of the DIAX04 series designed for integration with AC drives. Primarily, it's used in conjunction with 2AD AC, 1MB, MHD, and MKD motors forming a quick response unit, suitable for industries including printing, textiles, and packaging machines. Operation of this module requires a connection to an HVR or HVE supply module to deliver essential signal and power voltages. In cases of high start-stop cycles, an HZK capacitor module is recommended.

This unit arrives pre-configured with a drive controller, software module, communication modules, and additional plug-in modules. Notably, the software module houses the firmware and retains all drive parameters, facilitating easy transfer to new units. Additional modules include digital I/O cards, interface cards, and integrated control interfaces.

Featuring an internal cooling system with an air blower, the R911190138 (HDS03.2-W100N-HS84-01-FW) has a SERCOS interface, and Indramat function id. With a rated and peak current of 100A and a continuous current of 50A, it uses 25W power with a loss of 280Pv. The R911190138 (HDS03.2-W100N-HS84-01-FW)'s optimal operating conditions range from 5 to 45 degrees with a storage temperature between -30 and 85 degrees. The maximum recommended altitude is 1000 meters and it carries a one-year warranty.

Product Family: DIAX04
Modular Concept: Yes
Compatibility: 2AD AC motors, 1MB, MHD, MKD motors
Required Supply Module: HVR or HVE
Required Capacitor: HZK (For high start-stop cycles)
Cooling System: Air with internal blower
Interface: SERCOS
Function ID: Indramat
Weight: 11kg
Power Consumption: 25W
Power Loss: 280Pv
Rated and Peak Currents: 100A
Continuous Current: 50A
Protection Category: IP10
Installation: Control cabinet required
Insulation Classification: Class C
Maximum Altitude: 1000 meters
Operating Temp: 5 to 45 degrees Celsius
Storage Temp: -30 to 85 degrees Celsius
Recommended Air Duct: For collecting cold air and avoid condensation.

HDS 03.2-W100N-HS84-01-FW
HDS03 2 W100N HS84 01 FW
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