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R911280368 (HDS02.2-W040N-HS37-01-FW)

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The Rexroth Indramat R911280368 (HDS02.2-W040N-HS37-01-FW) is a second-generation drive controller designed for use in DIAX04 systems. The unit can function within a shared chassis with other HDS and HDD family controllers, and a single HVE/HVR power supply can power all installed drive units. Specs include a rated current of 40 Amps, a peak current of 40 Amps, and acceptable currents between 20 and 15 Amps at power section frequencies of 4 and 8 kilohertz respectively. Expect power loss of 125 Watts when operating at continuous current. The unit operates efficiently between 5-45 degrees Celsius and up to 1000 meters altitude. Its dimensions are 498 x 50 x 265 mm and it weighs 6.5 kg. The software module, featuring a version code of 01 and an ID code of 37, requires separate ordering. The unit also has an integrated blower and requires clearances for optimal operation. Installation and upkeep is recommended by trained personnel solely. Warranty period from Indramat USA is one year with global shipping.

Type: Drive Controller
For use in: DIAX04 Systems
Rated Current: 40 Amps
Peak Current: 40 Amps
Current at 4 kHz: 20 Amps
Current at 8 kHz: 15 Amps
Power Loss at 40 Amps: 125 Watts
Maximum Installation Altitude: 1000 meters
Ambient Temperature Range: 5 to 45 degrees Celsius
Weight: 6.5 kilograms
Dimensions: 498 x 50 x 265 millimeters
Firmware: Separately Ordered
Version Function Code: 01
Function ID Code: 37
Module: Factory Installed SERCOS Command Communication
Cooling: Integrated Blower
Clearance above the Controller: 80 millimeters
Clearance below the Controller: 100 millimeters
Clearance in front of the Controller: 90 millimeters
Installation and Maintenance: By Trained Personnel Only
Significant Aspect: Can be shipped globally.

HDS 02.2-W040N-HS37-01-FW
HDS02 2 W040N HS37 01 FW
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