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R911222233 (TDM 1.2-050-300-W1-115)

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The Bosch Rexroth Group's R911222233 (TDM 1.2-050-300-W1-115) is a servo drive module used commonly for MAC 71 to MAC 160 motors. As a key component of the TDM drives line, its versatility shines in low to medium power environments in various industries including packaging and automotive sectors, as well as in CNC machines. The R911222233 (TDM 1.2-050-300-W1-115) carries a personality module for simple tuning. Features include status lamps for easy troubleshooting, clear diagnostics, adjustable drift offsets, high short-term acceleration rates, and the ability to reverse direction of rotation. Specifications include a DC 300V link circuit rated voltage, 50A current, and 15 kW of power. The 10kg module comes with a built-in fan powered by an AC 115V connection. Operating conditions include allowable ambient temperatures of 5-45 degrees, and mounting altitude up to 1000 meters above sea level. Finally, this IP 20-protected module comes standard with a one-year warranty from Indramat USA.

Application: Standard Servo Drive for MAC 71 to MAC 160 Motors
Main Industries: Packaging, Automotive, CNC Machines
Models: 2
Current Type: 50A
Link Circuit Rated Voltage: DC 300V
Connection Voltage for Built-In Fan: AC 115V, 50-60Hz
Current: 50A
Peak Current: 50A
Continuous Current: 45A
Power: 15kW
Power Loss with I (cont): 250W
Weight: 10kg
Built-In Fan Supply Voltage: 220/115V
Built-In Fan Frequency: 50-60Hz
Built-In Fan Power Consumption: 30VA
Permissible Ambient Temperature: 5 to 45 degrees
Storage and Transportation Temperature: -30 to 85 degrees
Mounting Altitude: 1000 meters above sea level
Protection Category: IP 20
Mounting Requirement: IP 54 Control Cabinet

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TDM 1.2-050-300-WI-115
TDM 1.2-050-300W1115
TDM 1 2 050 300 W1 115
tdm 1.2-050-300-w1-115
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