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R911234797 (TFM 3.1-050-300-W1-220)

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The R911234797 (TFM 3.1-050-300-W1-220) Variable Frequency Drive from Rexroth Indramat's TFM series boasts a 300VDC bus voltage and a 200VAC nominal voltage rating. As a Version 1 device, it serves as a drive controller, controlling AC motor speed and torque by adjusting the input voltage and frequency. The device has a current rating of 50A and features an intermediate circuit that refines the rectified DC supply to remove any remaining AC remnants, ensuring a ripple-free motor output. This unit can be connected to transducers like flow rate monitors or pressure sensors in simple applications. With its internal cooling system and built-in blower, the device should be placed near the motor in a well-ventilated or protected area. Ideal for high-speed and multi-motor applications, it excels at improving the efficiency of motor-driven equipment by matching speed to changing load requirements.

Bus Voltage: 300VDC
Heatsink Blower Voltage: 200VAC
Version: 1
Function: Drive controller for AC motors
Current Rating: 50A
Intermediate Circuit: Uses capacitors and inductors
Functioning: Removes AC residues and harmonics
Interface: Can be with a transducer or a sensor
Set Value: Preset
Torque Restricting Feature: User-specified limit possible
Placement: Close to motor
Cooling System: Internal system with built-in blower
Connection: Serial connection
Usage: In between motor and mains electrical supply
Applications: High-speed and multi-motor
Function: Enhances efficiency of motor-driven equipment
Speed Matching: According to changing load requirements
Process Control: Continuous and accurate over various speeds.

TFM 3.1-50-300-W1-220
TFM 3.1-O5O-3OO-W1-22O
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