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R911235149 (TFM 3.1-020-300-W1-220)

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The Bosch Rexroth R911235149 (TFM 3.1-020-300-W1-220) is a high-performance, durable unit designed for industrial automation. This model functions optimally when paired with a corresponding electric motor and drive controller and delivers maintenance-free operations. Operating at a link voltage of 300 VDC and a rated current of 20 A, the product features a TFM variable frequency drive to adjust the input frequency of the supplied voltage, controlling the speed ranges of an electrical motor. Designed for varied applications including HVAC, machine tools, or printing machines, it operates efficiently between +5 and +45 degrees Celsius. Enhanced with F category insulation per DIN VDE 0110 standards, the drive controller is robustly built to maintain its intrinsic temperature. Given its IP 20 protection rating, the R911235149 (TFM 3.1-020-300-W1-220) needs an IP 54 category control cabinet for mounting. This model is not just energy-efficient, but also mitigates thermal and mechanical strain on the motor, thus prolonging its lifespan. The inclusion of a 220V heat sink blower unit facilitates easy installation and effective cooling.

Product Type: Variable Frequency Drive
Power Supply Module: 300VDC
Rated Current: 20A
Operational Temperature (without derating): +5 to +45 degree Celsius
Insulation: Category F as per DIN VDE 0110
Protection Rating: IP20
Mounting: Control Cabinet of IP54 Protection Category
Energy Saving: Yes
Cooling System: Heat Sink Blower Unit
Blower Supply Voltage: 220V
Maximum Temperature: +55 degree Celsius.

TFM 3.1-20-300-W1-220
TFM 3.1-O2O-3OO-W1-22O
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