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R911273615 (TVD 1.3-08-03/S100)

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The Rexroth Indramat TVD 1.3-08-03-S100 is a versatile power supply module intended to power-auxiliary units of digital drives from Rexroth Indramat. Operating within a three-phase AC supply range of 380 to 480V, this unit delivers a DC power of 7.5 kilowatts consistently, reaching peaks of up to 22.5 kilowatts for 0.3 seconds. It highlights an internal contactor for disconnecting drives from the mains supply, and a buffer capacitor for voltage smoothing. When operating in generator mode, the bleeder resistor transforms the regenerated power into heat. The TVD 1.3-08-03-S100 weighs approximately 10.5 kilograms and functions best between 5 and 45 degrees Celsius. It can provide a 22 to 26V DC control voltage, and a constant current of 7.5 amps. This unit ships globally and comes with a one-year warranty from Indramat USA.

Product Model: Rexroth Indramat TVD 1.3-08-03-S100
Type: Power Supply Module
Three-Phase AC Supply: 380 to 480 Volts AC
Function: Provide DC power to digital drives
System Components: AC drive, power supply, auxiliary units
DC Bus Continuous Power: 7.5 kilowatts
DC Bus Voltage: 320 Volts DC
Buffer Capacitor: Used for Smoothing
Generator Mode Power Regeneration: Absorbed by the bleeder resistor
Peak DC Power: 22.5 kilowatts for 0.3 seconds
Bleeder Continuous Power Rating: 0.5 kilowatts
Bleeder Peak Power Rating: 20 kilowatts
Dissipation Power At Peak Power: 180 Watts
Weight: 10.5 kilograms
Control Voltage: 22 to 26 Volts DC, 7.5 Amps continuous current
Recommended Operating Temperature: 5 to 45 degrees Celsius
Shipping: Global

TVD 130803/S100
TVD 1 3 08 03/S100
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