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R911286604 (MHD115B-024-PG1-BA)

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This product summary explores Bosch Rexroth's R911286604 (MHD115B-024-PG1-BA) motor, an aftermarket component designed for long-lasting performance and efficiency in industrial automation settings. Featuring triple cooling modes – liquid, surface, and natural – this motor guarantees a safe, reliable operation. The motor shows a rated speed of 2000 min-1 and a fixed rated frequency of 133Hz, no matter the cooling mode. Different cooling modes generate varied rates for torque, current, performance, and voltage. At a 1000-meter maximum mounting height, the motor weighs approximately 40 kg. Detailed, picture-guided assembly and operational guidelines ensure easy use. A one-year warranty on the R911286604 (MHD115B-024-PG1-BA) motor, which Indramat USA ships worldwide, ensures post-purchase assurance. Included in the broader Bosch Rexroth product suite of servo motors, synchronous motors, shielded power cables, mains filters, and brushless AC servo motors, this motor merits strong consideration.

Rated Speed: 2000 min-1
Rated Frequency: 133Hz
Natural Cooling at 60K Overtemperature Rated Torque: 17.9 Nm
Natural Cooling at 60K Overtemperature Rated Current: 8.2 Amps
Natural Cooling at 60K Overtemperature Rated Performance: 4.4 KW
Natural Cooling at 60K Overtemperature Rated Voltage: 313 volts
Natural Cooling at 100K Overtemperature Rated Torque: 32.3 Nm
Natural Cooling at 100K Overtemperature Rated Voltage: 321 V
Natural Cooling at 100K Overtemperature Rated Performance: 8.3Kw
Natural Cooling at 100K Overtemperature Rated Current: 15.2 Amps
Liquid Cooling Rated Torque: 80.3Nm
Liquid Cooling Rated Performance: 20.4 kW
Liquid Cooling Rated Current: 36.7 amps
Liquid Cooling Rated Voltage: 360V
Surface Cooling Rated Current: 25.7 amps
Surface Cooling Rated Torque: 56.1 Nm
Surface Cooling Rated Voltage: 337 V
Surface Cooling Rated Performance: 14.4 kW
Motor Mass: 40kgs
Maximum Mounting Height: 1000 meters

MHD 115B-024-PG1-BA
MHD115B 024 PG1 BA
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