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R911295699 (MHD131D-024-NG0-AN)

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The R911295699 (MHD131D-024-NG0-AN), manufactured by Bosch Rexroth, is a dynamic, multi-functional synchronous motor with specific rated and mechanical parameters enhancing its performance. Its rated speed is 2000 min-1, while its rated current ranges from 8.2 A to 36.7 A, and rated torque from 17.9 Nm to 80.3 Nm, depending on the chosen cooling method - natural, surface, or liquid. Liquid cooling boasts the outstanding rated performance of 20.4Kw. The motor's rated voltage varies from 313V to 360V and maintains a frequency of 133Hz. Mechanically, the R911295699 (MHD131D-024-NG0-AN)'s time constant varies from 30 to 100 min based on the cooling method. It weighs 40kg and reaches a maximum speed of 4000 min-1. Designed to function up to 1000 meters above sea level, the R911295699 (MHD131D-024-NG0-AN) can be transported globally and comes with a one-year warranty from Indramat USA.

Rated Speed: 2000 min-1
Natural Cooling Rated Current: 8.2 A- 15.2 A
Natural Cooling Rated Torque: 17.9 to 32.3Nm
Natural Cooling Performance: 4.4Kw-8.3Kw
Natural Cooling Voltage: 313V to 321V
Natural Cooling Frequency: 133Hz
Liquid Cooling Rated Torque: 80.3 Nm
Liquid Cooling Rated Current: 36.7A
Liquid Cooling Performance: 20.4Kw
Liquid Cooling Voltage: 360V
Liquid Cooling Frequency: 133Hz
Surface Cooling Rated Current: 25.7 A
Surface Cooling Rated Torque: 56.1Nm
Surface Cooling Performance: 14.4 KW
Surface Cooling Voltage: 337V
Surface Cooling Frequency: 133Hz
Natural Cooling Time Constant: 100 min
Liquid Cooling Time Constant: 30 min
Surface Cooling Time Constant: 45 min
Weight: 40kg
Maximum Speed: 4000 min-1
Setup Peak Height: 1000 meters above sea level

MHD 131D 024 NG0 AN
MHD 131D-024-NG0-AN
MHD131D 024 NG0 AN
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