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R911260465 (MKD041B-144-KG1-KN)

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The R911260465 (MKD041B-144-KG1-KN) is a synchronous AC servo motor from Indramat's MKD series. Intended for automation systems like the Diax04 or Ecodrive, it works seamlessly with other Indramat components such as the DKC drive controllers. Noteworthy for its ease of installation and maintenance, the R911260465 (MKD041B-144-KG1-KN) motor exhibits rare malfunction and exceptional durability, making it ideal for a range of environments and conditions. It is equipped with a 22nm holding brake that is engaged when there's no power supply and quickly released once the circuit is reintroduced. Multiple revolutions data can be transmitted to the drive controller via the motor's multi-turn resolver feedback feature. With a frame size of 041, the motor has a 2.7nm length, a 50mm centering diameter and an 82mm flange size. It comes with an IP65 protection rating and is encased in standard black coating with a Class F insulation, suitable for heights of up to 1000m.
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Use: Automation System
Compatibility: Diax04 or Ecodrive Unit, DKC drive controllers
Installation: Easy
Maintenance: Low
Durability: High
Environment Adaptability: Wide Range
Holding Brake: 22nm
Resolver Feedback: Multi-turn
Frame Size: 041
Winding Code: 144
Motor Length: 2.7nm
Centering Diameter: 50mm
Flange Size: 82mm
Protection Rating: IP65
Coating: Standard Black
Insulation Class: F
Operating Height: up to 1000m.
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