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R911261680 (MKD041B-144-GP0-KN)

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The Bosch Rexroth R911261680 (MKD041B-144-GP0-KN) is a sturdily built, versatile and cost-effective super synchronous motor, specially designed for automation and intelligent functions within varied industries. Key aspects include explicit mechanical, rated, and electric data parameters. During installation, storage, or transport, always follow safety guidelines to prevent possible injury or damages. For optimal performance, it requires a cooling system, with both surface and natural cooling methods supported. It supports a continuous current of 7.5A - 8.2A and a continuous torque of 2.7Nm to 2.9Nm at standstill with natural cooling. The maximum current allowed is 34A with a characteristic speed of 6000min-1. The winding resistance is 1.8 Ohms at 20°C when cooled naturally. When using natural cooling, the rated speed ranges from 3000 min-1 to 4000 min-1 with a rated torque of about 1.4Nm to 1.5Nm. The motor's rated power lies between 0.52 to 0.88 KW.
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Maximum Current: 34A (with natural cooling)
Characteristic Speed: 6000min-1 (with natural cooling)
Winding Inductance: 5Mh (with natural cooling)
Voltage Constant: 36.3V/1000min-1 (with natural cooling)
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