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R911262989 (MKD090B-085-KG1-BN)

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The R911262989 (MKD090B-085-KG1-BN) Bosch Rexroth AC synchronous motor is an indispensable tool designed for use in machine industries. Known for its digital functionality, it requires a manufacturer-supplied drive controller for operation. This maintenance-free motor boasts a brushless design and grease-lubricated bearings. Key specifications include a B length code and 085 windings code. Prior to use, ensure the component is neither defective nor damaged, and that only manufacturer-approved accessories and components are used. Installation and operation should comply with all specified requirements. The motor, which includes an encoder connection and power connector, features a plain driven shaft with a shaft sealing ring and supports a friction-locked shaft-hub connection. The product is lightweight due to its compact design, conforms to DIN VDE 0530 Part 1 specifications, and comes housed in specialist military-grade foam packaging with a year's warranty provided by Wake Industrial.
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Type: Digital AC Motor
Use: Machine Tools
Design: Brushless, Maintenance-free operation
Length Code: B
Windings Code: 085
Potential Risks: High electrical voltage
Intended Installation: Industrial Machinery
Key Features: Encoder connection, Power connector
Handling: Using lifting tools and devices
Flange Size: 140mm
Operating Conditions: Increased linear expansion during a 100K operation
Insulation: Class F, in accordance with DIN VDE 0530 Part 1
Shaft: Plain driven shaft
Shaft Spec: Contains shaft sealing ring
Connection Type: Friction-locked shaft-hub
Weight: Low due to compact design
Packaging: Custom military-grade foam.
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