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R911262991 (MKD090B-047-KP0-KN)

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The Bosch Rexroth Indramat's R911262991 (MKD090B-047-KP0-KN) synchronous motor from their MKD series is a high-performance device that increases efficiency and productivity across various industries, ranging from paper and printing to food processing, automation, packaging, and machine tools. Notably, this motor has a length of 090, falls under the B length category, and sports a winding code of 047. The R911262991 (MKD090B-047-KP0-KN) synchronous motor also features a resolver feedback motor encoder with an integrated multiturn absolute encoder. Its driven shaft aligns with the DIN 6885-1 key and comprises a shaft sealing ring. While it lacks a holding brake, this motor does have a standard housing design and a terminal box power connection output directed to side B. Key benefits include continuous start-stop operation due to electronic commutation, a wide speed range offering peak torque, a robust data memory in the motor encoder for quick startup, and an advantageous torque to inertia mass ratio for dynamic operation.
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Motor Length: 090
Motor Length Category: B
Winding Code: 047
Holding Brake: No
Housing Design: Standard
Output Direction of Power Connection: Terminal box, side B
Commutation: Electronic
Start-Stop Operation: Continuous, with high repeat frequencies
Peak Torque: Utilizable across wide speed range
Data Memory: High-performance, for fast and easy startup
Operational Reliability: High
Torque to Inertia Mass Ratio: Favorable
Overload Protection: Yes
Overload Capability: High
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