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R911263066 (MKD090B-047-GG0-KN)

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The R911263066 (MKD090B-047-GG0-KN) is a high-performance MKD synchronous motor manufactured by Rexroth. Noted for its operational reliability, it is designed for use in machine tools, packaging machinery, and automation in printing and paper machines. This motor stands out for its high dynamic performance, overload capacity and suitability for continuous start-stop operations with high repeat frequencies. The R911263066 (MKD090B-047-GG0-KN) features peak torque utilization across a broad speed spectrum and allows simple start-up. Its construction incorporates permanent-magnets for low inertia masses and uses electronic commutation. This motor also offers easy installation to compatible equipment and includes overload protection. However, it is critical that the R911263066 (MKD090B-047-GG0-KN) is operated by trained personnel familiar with its operation to maintain safety and device integrity, and it should not be used in environments with extreme temperature fluctuations.
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Rexroth Producer: Rexroth
Product Type: MKD Synchronous Motor
Installation: Easily Mounted, Delivered with Overload Protection
Temperature Restrictions: Not suitable for extreme temperature variations
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