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R911263067 (MKD090B-047-GG1-KN)

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The R911263067 (MKD090B-047-GG1-KN), a premium synchronous motor by Rexroth, integrates seamlessly with digital, smart drive controllers to create efficient automation systems. Its versatile functionality makes it ideal for operating a wide range of machines including machine tools, handling and automation devices, printing and paper machines, and food packaging machinery. The robust R911263067 (MKD090B-047-GG1-KN) boasts high operational reliability, performance, and dynamic capabilities. Additionally, it has a high overload capacity, supporting continuous start-stop operations at high repeat frequencies and delivering peak torque across a broad speed range. Equipped with permanent-magnets for digital commutation, it assures low inertia masses. The ease of mounting and start-up, coupled with overload protection make it user-friendly. However, it is crucial that only certified operators use the R911263067 (MKD090B-047-GG1-KN), adhering to guidelines provided for safe operation and to avoid machine malfunction or physical harm. It is not intended for use in environments with extreme temperature variations.
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