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R911263158 (MKD090B-047-KP1-KN)

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The Rexroth R911263158 (MKD090B-047-KP1-KN) motor from the MKD series is known for its operational reliability and robustness, even under harsh environmental conditions due to its IP65 protection level. Designed with permanent magnets and the latest electronic commutation, it possesses low inertia masses and can achieve a high speed of up to 3200/min. This motor has a factory-assigned designation type B with a motor length of 12.0 Nm and winding code No 47. It can achieve a continuous torque of 12.0Nm and a stand-still current of 17.2 A. The motor's driven shaft incorporates a key as per DIN 6885-1 and a shaft sealing ring to protect against liquid ingress during operation. With an integrated multi-turn absolute encoder, resolver feedback, natural cooling mode, mounted orientation flexibility, and an operational ambient temperature range from 0 to 40oC, the R911263158 (MKD090B-047-KP1-KN) is a highly efficient, versatile and powerful option.
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Technology Used: Permanent Magnets with Electronic Commutation
Operational Reliability: High
Environmental Condition Suitability: Any—IP65 Protection
Motor Length: 12.0 Nm (Factory Assigned Type B)
Winding Code: 47
Speed: Up to 3200/min
Continuous Torque: 12.0 Nm
Current at Stand-still: 17.2 A
Driven Shaft: Key per DIN 6885-1 Drafted
Shaft Sealing Ring: Present
Cooling Mode: Natural
Rated Speed: 3500 rpm
Output Torque: 9.9 Nm
Mounting Orientation: Multiple Options
Output Direction: Selectable
Operational Ambient Temperature Range: 0 to 40 °C
Storage Temperature: Up to 80 °C
Efficiency: High
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