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R911263529 (MKD090B-047-GP0-KN)

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As one of the leaders in manufacturing and industrial applications, Bosch Rexroth's "R911263529 (MKD090B-047-GP0-KN)" is an exceptionally precise and efficient servo motor. Weighing in at 14 kilograms, the motor flaunts a rated RPM of 3500 and torque of 9.9Nm. Operating at a rated voltage of 351 volts with a current of 8.4 amperes, it provides outstanding performance at the standard frequency of 233 Hz. This precise solution, designed with a resolver feedback and shaft with sealing ring, ensures high reliability with no need for a holding brake. Serving unprecedented current spike tolerance of up to 59.4A, it consumes a power of 4.8kW achieving optimal results. Additional gears can be attached to the shaft for specialized purposes. This model, proven to function at high performance for at least a decade, can bring significant value to any industrial setting.

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Weight: 14 kilograms
Precision: Extremely precise
RPM: 3500
Torque: 9.9Nm
Voltage: 351 volts
Current: 8.4 amperes
Frequency: 233 Hz
Feedback: Resolver feedback
Shaft: Shaft with shaft sealing ring
Brake: No holding brake
Power Consumption: 4.8kW
Current Tolleration: Maximum 59.4A
Input Type: Synchronous input
Additional Attachments: Specialized gears from Rexroth
Durability: Up to a decade with proper installation
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