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R911267348 (MKD025B-144-KP0-KN)

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The Rexroth Bosch R911267348 (MKD025B-144-KP0-KN) motor is a robust, permanent magnet motor, with superior quality and high operational reliability. It features low inertia masses due to its design and tech innovation. Its brushless construction ensures ease of installation, operation, and eliminates the necessity for maintenance throughout its entire service life. It's suitable for various machines such as those in automation, handling, machine tools, packaging, printing, paper processing, and the food industry. The motor is equipped with a 54mm flange and a 40mm centering diameter, providing continuous torques from 0.4 to 0.9 Nm at standstill. It incorporates an integrated encoder system for position and speed control, ensuring the drive controller always has the motor's current position for optimal operation. With resolver feedback and an integrated multi-turn absolute encoder, it affords absolute detection of position over 4096 revolutions. Notably, this variant doesn't feature holding brakes for servo-axis clamping. However, it does include a box for connection output.
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Motor Type: Permanent Magnet
Low Inertia Masses: Yes
High Operational Reliability: Yes
Maintenance Requirement: None (Maintenance-free operation)
Flange Size: 54mm
Centering Diameter: 40mm
Continuous Torque at Standstill: 0.4 to 0.9 Nm
Integrated Encoder System: Yes
Absolute Position Detection: More than 4096 revolutions
Holding Brakes: None
Connection Box Output Direction: Yes
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