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R911267373 (MKD025B-144-KG1-KN)

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The R911267373 (MKD025B-144-KG1-KN) permanent magnet motor by Rexroth Bosch stands out as a high-quality, affordable solution for industrial applications. This premium motor uses special magnet materials to reduce inertia masses and enhance performance in demanding environments. It utilizes electrical commutation for high-frequency start-stop operation convenience. Adhering to DIN42948 standards, its flange allows for multiple installation positions, with sizes of 54mm and a centering diameter of 40mm. It delivers continuous torques between 0.4 and 0.9 Nm when stationary. Featuring a "N" type code, this motor uses resolver feedback (RSF) for position detection. It comes with an electrically-released holding brake that secures the servo axis in a de-energized state. Also, it includes an integrated encoder system for real-time drive controller positioning feedback.

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Electronic Commutation: Yes
Material: Special Magnet Material
Low Inertia Masses: Yes
Operating Frequency: High
Installation: Multiple Positions
Design: DIN42948 Specifications
Flange Size: 54mm
Centering Diameter: 40mm
Torque: 0.4 Nm to 0.9 Nm at Standstill
Feedback Type: RSF Resolver
Holding Brake: Electrical Releasing Operation
Motor Encoder: Integrated
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