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R911268910 (MKD112B-048-GG1-BN)

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The Bosch Rexroth Indramat's R911268910 (MKD112B-048-GG1-BN) is a servo synchronous motor belonging to the MKD series. It is a size 112 B type motor with a 48 winding code and features a plain shaft with sealing rings and a 22 Nm holding brake. This motor is equipped with a resolver feedback system and a multi-turn integrated absolute encoder. It has a naturally cooled housing and an external power connector at the side. The motor has a maximum speed of 4500 rpm, rated speed of 2800 rpm, and a standstill torque of 28.0 Nm. Weighing just 34 Kgs, this compact powerhouse offers impressive output and efficiency. It is IP65 rated, indicating a high level of safety. Its lightweight components, high power-to-inertia-mass ratio, peak torque utilization characteristics, and versatility make it ideal for various applications.
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Product Size: 112
Length Type: B (28.0 Nm)
Winding Code: 48
Shaft Type: Plain with sealing rings
Holding Brake: 22 Nm
Cooling Type: Natural surface
External Power Connector Position: Side B
Over-Temperature Range: 60K/100K
Motor Speed: 3500 rpm
Continuous Natural Torque: 28.0 Nm
Rated Speed: 2800 rpm
Maximum Speed: 4500 rpm
Protection Category: IP65
Weight: 34 Kgs
Inertia Mass Ratio: High
Peak Torque Utilization: Wide Range
Output Efficiency: Consistently better
Cost Effectiveness: High
Functionality: Wide range.
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