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R911272397 (MKD112B-048-KG1-AN)

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The Bosch Rexroth R911272397 (MKD112B-048-KG1-AN) synchronous motor is an exemplary product, showcasing the highest quality standards in mechanical components manufacturing. Subjected to meticulous testing, these motors are designed with a focus on reliability. The R911272397 (MKD112B-048-KG1-AN) model comes in three variations, each providing a different torque output. They are the 60K with a rated torque of 7.7 Nm, the 100K with 18.1 Nm and a cooled version of both 60K and 100K that delivers a rated torque of 30.6 Nm. Several factors differ between them, such as the 60K featuring additional packing insulation. Accommodating an extensive range of industrial applications, this motor also features a rated speed of 2,800 RPM, 34 Kg total mass, and a 0-40 oC ambient temperature operating range. The R911272397 (MKD112B-048-KG1-AN) model also has a 22 Nm holding brake for enhanced control and safety and integrates a multiturn absolute encoder, extending its applicability to automation technologies.
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Product Type: Bosch Rexroth Indramat Synchronous Motor
Variants Available: 3
Rated Torque 60K Version: 7.7 Nm
Rated Torque 100K Version: 18.1 Nm
60K Model Additional Feature: Packing insulation
Rated Torque (High Performance): 30.6 Nm
Cooling Mechanism (High Performance): Special surface cooling
Rated Speed: 2800 RPM
Total Mass: 34 kg
Operational Temperature Range: 0-40 oC
Integrated add-on: 22 Nm holding brake
Additional Feature: Integrated multiturn absolute encode
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