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R911272636 (MKD112B-024-GP0-BN)

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Bosch Rexroth, a world-renowned engineering company, brings you the R911272636 (MKD112B-024-GP0-BN) synchronous motor. With a high torque capacity, this motor is suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications. It boasts three variants offering flexibility for various requirements; two are naturally cooled (one with insulation, one without), while the third includes surface cooling. The naturally cooled units deliver a rated torque of 8.8 Nm (60K variant) and 21.6 Nm (100K variant), while the surface-cooled variant offers a higher 30 Nm. All models operate at a steady speed of 3,500 RPM leading to quiet, smooth operation. With a manageable weight of 34 Kg and a safe operating temperature of 0-40 oC, the R911272636 (MKD112B-024-GP0-BN) motor ensures practicality alongside performance. Additionally, it's equipped with a DIN 6885-1 standard keyway drive shaft and a sealing ring for leakage prevention. Finally, a resolver feedback unit offers precise shaft position information for feedback control systems.
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Product Type: Synchronous Motor
Rated Torque (Naturally Cooled 60K): 8.8 Nm
Rated Torque (Naturally Cooled 100K): 21.6 Nm
Rated Torque (Surface Cooled): 30 Nm
Rated Speed: 3500 RPM
Motor Mass: 34 Kg
Safe Ambient Temperature: 0-40 oC
Drive Shaft : Keyway according to the DIN 6885-1 standard
Sealing: Included Ring on the Shaft
Motor Encoder: Resolver Feedback Unit
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