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R911272643 (MKD090B-035-KG1-KN)

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The R911272643 (MKD090B-035-KG1-KN) synchronous motors by Rexroth Bosch group, a global leader in drive and control solutions, present an advanced solution for mechanical, electrical, and engineering industries. These innovative motors feature an optimized electromagnetic effect, minimizing torque ripple to ensure consistent path velocity and heightened product quality. The motor weighs 14.0kg, with a rated speed of 3000 mm-1 and a maximum speed of 5000 min-1. Key specifications include a winding resistance of 1.88 Ω, winding inductance of 15.5 mH, and 4 pole pairs to suppress internal losses. The motor can operate in ambient temperatures from 0 to 40°C and can be stored in temperatures between -20 to +80°C. Its housing coat is prime black a/w RAL 9005 and it boasts an insulation class of F as per DIN VDE 0530 part 1. With a rated frequency of 2000Hz, peak current of 49.5A, and maximum possible torque of 43.4 Nm, it also holds a voltage constant of 111V/1000 min-1 and torque constant of 1.22 Nm/A.

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Rexroth Bosch Group: Yes
Optimized Electromagnetic Effect: Yes
Reduce Torque Ripple: Yes
Set Up height: 1000m above NN
Strand Cross-section: 1mm2
Motor Mass: 14.0kg
Rated Speed: 3000mm-1
Maximum Speed: 5000min-1
Winding Resistance: 1.88 Ohm
Winding Inductance: 15.5mH
Pole Pairs: 4
Permanent Storage Temperature: -20 to +80 degrees Celsius
Transport Temperature Range: -20 to +80 degrees Celsius
Permissible Ambient Temperature: 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
Insulation Class: F
Housing Coat: Prime Black
Rated Frequency: 2000Hz
Peak Current: 49.5A
Theoretical Maximum Torque: 43.4Nm
Voltage Constant: 111V/1000 min-1
Torque Constant: 1.22Nm/A.
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