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R911273295 (MKD112B-058-GG0-BN)

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The R911273295 (MKD112B-058-GG0-BN) AC synchronous motor, a model from the MKD112B-058-GGO-BN series by Rexroth Bosch Indramat, is renowned for its remarkable speed, durability, and precision. The motor is characterized by its 112 frame size, class B motor length, 192 mm flange size, and 130 mm centering diameter. Its maximum speed capacity reaches 4500min-1, with consistent operations at 3000min-1, making it a robust and reliable solution for demanding applications. Its standstill torque of 28 Nm, rated torque of 6.2 Nm, and maximum achievable torque of 102 Nm establish its high torque production. The motor is designed to handle the brief current peak of 183A to achieve its full torque capacity. Its thermal time constant stands at 40 minutes, favoring natural convection cooling. The motor also features excellent load handling owed to its rotor moment of inertia of 1.92×10-2 kgm2 and incorporates a resolver feedback encoder for precise position communication. Lastly, its IP65 housing ensures protection against dust and shock damage.
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Frame Size: 112
Motor Length: Class B
Weight: 34 kg
Flange Size: 192 mm
Centering Diameter: 130 mm
Maximum Speed: 4500 min-1
Nominal speed: 3000min-1
Continuous standstill torque: 28 Nm
Rated Torque: 6.2 Nm
Maximum Torque: 102Nm
Maximum Current: 183A
Thermal time constant: 40 mins
Rotor moment of inertia: 1.92×10-2 kgm2
Feedback Encoder Type: Resolver
Shaft Type: Plain shaft with shaft sealing ring
Holding Brake: No
Power Cable and Encoder Output Connection: Electrical plugs, top mounted to the B-side
Protection Category: IP65
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1 Year Indramat USA Warranty included Worldwide shipping via UPS and Fedex We offer repair service for the R911273295 in 10 days. Exchange credit for your defective unit available.
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